ARMEN Initiative at the heart of its mission to reinvent maritime mobility by making it more sustainable and responsible. With the ARMEN range, a new generation of boarding is born. Thanks to an innovative solution in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), we offer you a 100% recyclable offer, resistant to the maritime environment, without compromising on comfort, quality and durability.

100% High Technology

A recyclable material that guarantees durability and maintenance

In addition to its recyclability, HDPE has considerable advantages to ensure the life of boats and their maintenance:

  • Environmental impact: PEDH has a carbon footprint 5x less than aluminum.
  • Driving an ARMEN means committing to sustainable mobility Easy to maintain: HDPE is resistant to acids, hydrocarbons and UV rays.
  • A simple jet of water is enough to restore its cleanliness Zero antifouling: wildlife adheres little to HDPE. 3 to 4 annual water outings will maintain the performance of the boat
  • Zero corrosion: the HDPE shell is isolated from the electrical currents present in the water. We ensure boats without any corrosion over time
An assembly method that combines resistance and reactivity

It is on the lands of Brittany that our ARMEN boats are shaped to benefit from the expertise of a seafaring people for millennia. ARMEN boats are manufactured according to precise operating methods that ensure perfect watertightness.

These operations are carried out by qualified operators. Thus, the boat assembly method is simple and efficient, which ensures:

  • production within short deadlines (90 days)
  • repairs in record time

Built to last

Design at the service of performance

Thanks to our expertise in the construction of pleasure and professional navigations, we have designed the ARMEN range to meet requirements of stability and pleasure.

Its deep V hull allows it to ensure good stability, in fast or slow motion and will be your best ally to face the passage in a rough sea.

Its rectangular bow also limits the overall length and offers maximum deck space.

From the design stage, we made the choice to have high freeboards, in order to limit the risk of falling at sea, especially for children.

Its inclined deck above the waterline allows the boat to stay dry. So you are ready to board at any time!

A structure designed for simple and precise driving

Based on offshore racing technologies, we have designed fenders and seats that facilitate docking. Easily interchangeable, they will be a real asset.

Like the hull, the fenders are easy to maintain and resistant to the marine environment.

A local or committed collaboration

ARMEN Initiative is the culmination of several joint projects between local and committed actors

ARMEN Initiative is a Breton company specializing in the marketing and provision of innovative boats. Company with Mission, with strong commitments on the proposed solutions, internal management, a CSR charter and a system of continuous evaluation. Each step forward is taken taking into account several factors such as the environment, people, fauna, flora, consumption, well-being and pleasure.

Ours boats in action

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