100% recyclable

For yachting and work used

Build unique boats

Made in Bretagne

Our boats are made in South Finistère (France), a land of experience

Custom made

Our deck plans are customizable to fit your needs

100% Recyclable

Thanks to HDPE, we reduce our carbon footprint by 5

Maintenance free

Our HDPE hulls do not require anti-fooling

Comfort & Safety

Our hulls are designed for stable, simple and precise piloting

ARMEN Initiative offers you solutions for navigation that is more respectful of the maritime environment.

A company with a mission

“Armen Initiative is involved in a new approach in favor of a technological transition in the nautical world (yachting and workboat) by offering them innovative, efficient,sustainable and environmentally friendly services andboats. 

ARMEN Initiative is part of a local production approach, respectful of men and women, the planet and the oceans.”


Théo MOUSSION, founder of ARMEN Initiative

HDPE, a recyclable plastic

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is an industrial plastic used in water treatment. We have diverted it from its primary use to manufacture new generation boats. This material allows us to offer you reliable, durable, easy to maintain and recyclable boats. With this new generation hull, no more anti-fooling, corrosion and osmosis. Welcome to boats that are comfortable, safe, resistant and easy to repair.


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